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Bird In A Cage – [EP/CD]


1. Bird in a Cage 04:29

2. Chrome Heart 03:52

3. All a Blur 04:06

4. The big Freeze 03:24

5. Bird in a Cage – radio edit 03:47

Released: 17 March 2011

CD Baby:

A brand new EP from Ireland’s finest The Walls. Tracks 1 and 3 are taken from the forthcoming third album ‘Stop the Lights’ due out at the end of summer 2011. ‘Bird in a Cage’ is an autobiographical story of a young family growing up in Dublin and moving to the west of Ireland and the trials and tribulations along the way. All of that squeezed into an uplifting four and a half minutes of pure pop heaven…..’out of the dark into the light we go”.

There’s a darker side to the band in evidence on ‘Chrome Heart’ with big guitar riffs to the fore and a Morrissey-like mood bemoaning that “modern life for lifeless souls is a wallet full of plastic and a pocket full of holes”.

A Sunday night out on town when Monday morning’s didn’t matter is the inspiration for ‘All a Blur’. It was often a night off for most of the musicians, waitresses and bar staff etc. and could get quite wild. The difficult part was sneaking home in the morning in front of a city on it’s way to work.

‘The Big Freeze’ was recorded live in the studio using just two microphones. It was basically a jam that turned out so good it was used as the final version. Paul G.Smyth of Dublin band The Jimmy Cake added the gold dust to it in the shape of some unique synth melodies.

Price: €3.45

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Hi-Lo – [Album/CD]

1. Bone Deep
2. Broken Boy
3. Some Kind Of A Girl
4. Chestnut
5. Something’s Wrong
6. February’s Gone
7. New Born Baby
8. Earthling
9. Love Eluded Me
10. Hartland Road
11. One Of Those Days
12. If I Had You

Released: 2000

CD Baby:

The Walls debut album contained a bunch of singles: Something’s Wrong; Broken Boy; Some kind of a Girl and Bone Deep. The latter was the song that really clicked with radio and put the band on the map. Recorded in various locations between London and Dublin, the album still sparkles today and contains a wealth of great songs, jagged guitar hooks and irresistible melodies. This is the album that convinced U2 to invite the band to play at their second sold-out concert in Slane Castle in 2002. Bono said – “we needed a wildcard on the day, and The Walls are the wildcard”. John Carney, writer and director of the Oscar-winning movie ‘Once’ used three songs from Hi-Lo in his previous movie ‘On the Edge’ starring Cillian Murphy.

Price: €9.99

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New Dawn Breaking [Album/CD]

1. Open Road
2. Passing Through
3. To The Bright and Shining Sun
4. Black and Blue
5. Romantic Ireland’s Dead and Gone
6. Know Your Love
7. Ghosts
8. Out of the Fog
9. Drowning Pool
10. Highwire
11. Birthday Girl

Released: 2005.
Reached No. 5 in the charts.
Singles released: Passing Through; To the Bright and Shining Sun; Black and Blue.

CD Baby:

“it contains the best work of their career” – SUNDAY TIMES

“an immediately impressive record on almost every level….well worth the wait” – HOT PRESS

“The Walls have always possessed an organic aura that makes them so darn likeable and they’ve successfully imbued this glow into the making of the record giving it that homely Wilco feeling…an album full of hooks, catchy choruses and stomping tunes”. TOTALLY DUBLIN

“So at an important point in their career, The Walls have made a great album. Two guitarists, bass and drum’s – music just doesn’t get any better than this.”

Price: €9.99

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