Hi-Lo – [Album/CD]

1. Bone Deep
2. Broken Boy
3. Some Kind Of A Girl
4. Chestnut
5. Something’s Wrong
6. February’s Gone
7. New Born Baby
8. Earthling
9. Love Eluded Me
10. Hartland Road
11. One Of Those Days
12. If I Had You

Released: 2000

iTunes: http://tiny.cc/qdgq1
Bandcamp: http://thewalls.bandcamp.com
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/TheWalls

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The Walls debut album contained a bunch of singles: Something's Wrong; Broken Boy; Some kind of a Girl and Bone Deep. The latter was the song that really clicked with radio and put the band on the map. Recorded in various locations between London and Dublin, the album still sparkles today and contains a wealth of great songs, jagged guitar hooks and irresistible melodies. This is the album that convinced U2 to invite the band to play at their second sold-out concert in Slane Castle in 2002. Bono said - "we needed a wildcard on the day, and The Walls are the wildcard". John Carney, writer and director of the Oscar-winning movie 'Once' used three songs from Hi-Lo in his previous movie 'On the Edge' starring Cillian Murphy.[/EXPAND]

Price: €9.99

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