New Dawn Breaking [Album/CD]

1. Open Road
2. Passing Through
3. To The Bright and Shining Sun
4. Black and Blue
5. Romantic Ireland’s Dead and Gone
6. Know Your Love
7. Ghosts
8. Out of the Fog
9. Drowning Pool
10. Highwire
11. Birthday Girl

Released: 2005.
Reached No. 5 in the charts.
Singles released: Passing Through; To the Bright and Shining Sun; Black and Blue.

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“it contains the best work of their career” – SUNDAY TIMES

“an immediately impressive record on almost every level....well worth the wait” – HOT PRESS

“The Walls have always possessed an organic aura that makes them so darn likeable and they’ve successfully imbued this glow into the making of the record giving it that homely Wilco feeling…an album full of hooks, catchy choruses and stomping tunes”. TOTALLY DUBLIN

“So at an important point in their career, The Walls have made a great album. Two guitarists, bass and drum’s - music just doesn’t get any better than this.”

Price: €9.99

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