The Walls – Stop the Lights

The Walls – live on the Ivan Urgant Show – Russian Television March 2013

The Walls – Phantom Power

The Walls – It Goes without Saying, Rome 2012

The making of the Stop the Lights album artwork by Conor & David. Jan 2012

The Walls – live session on RTE 2FM (Part 1)

RTE 2FM, March 14th 2011, The Walls performed four songs from their forthcoming album: Carrying the Fire; Stop the Lights; Thanks for the Photographs and Bird in a Cage. The session was recorded quickly with the band doing just one or two takes and the footage really captures the energy of the band doing what they do best…performing live. Special guests on the day were Colm Mac Con Iomaire of the Frames/Swell Season on fiddle, and Bill Blackmore and Colm O’Hara on trumpet and trombone respectively. The footage was directed and edited by Stephen Mogerley and filmed by Stephen and Myles O’Reilly. The session was recorded by Andrew Kane. Producer: Ian Wilson.

RTE 2FM session (Part 2)


The Walls play Croke Park stadium Dublin at half time during the Ireland v Australia International Rules championship 2010. The new song ‘Stop the Lights’ is the title track from their forthcoming album due out in 2011.
Filmed, directed & edited by Stephen Mogerley.


BIRD IN A CAGE Free download of ‘Bird in a Cage’ here

The band are not present but are projected onto a screen. The Walls perform “Bird in a Cage” from their forthcoming album “Stop the Lights” at the Temple House Festival, Sligo in Sept 2010. They’ve developed a two-man show that ingeniously features the full band without the actual musicians being present. It means they can do shows abroad where the budget doesn’t allow for bringing the extra personnel. This is one of the first few gigs they’ve performed this way and they hope to travel to the US and Europe with it next year. The new album is a multi-layered affair, less guitar-based than their previous work, but featuring lots of synths, brass, mandolin and of course guitars. So performing this way means they can still showcase the songs as they are meant to be heard and the audience still get to see all the musicians involved. Not all the songs are performed like this. Some are stripped down to vocals, guitars or keyboards and percussion but there are always interesting visuals as well. According to Joe the show is “an ongoing work in progress where the only limits are your imagination”.

‘Bird in a Cage’ is an autobiographical story of growing up in Dublin and moving to the west of Ireland as a young boy and the apprehension and finally the happiness that the experience brings.

Bone Deep, live at the Temple House Festival Sligo, Sept 2010.


Live at the Temple House Festival Sligo, Sept 2010. Two-man show, the band are projected onto a screen.


Dir: Heroes for Zeroes. Top 10 single in Ireland.



Directed and edited by Noah P.Lagin of the Tisch Film School New York as a project in association with Hot Press magazine. Shot in under three hours in the band’s rehearsal room due to time constraints, the director made good use of some simple but effective editing techniques that kept the energy of the song intact.

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